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Why You Might Want to Consider a Water Treatment System

Do you ever think about your water?

  • Are you ever concerned about the quality of water coming into your home?
  • Do you have a compromised immune system?
  • Is your water smelly or does it taste funny?
  • Do you buy bottled water?
  • Do you ever worry about the hard water we have in Florida?

These are just five reasons why you should consider a water filtration system!

A whole house water filtration system gives you peace of mind that there are no bacteria, lead, chemicals or particulates in your water. No odors, taste’s clean and fresh. You can bathe and drink the water from your bathroom to the kitchen without any worries. And your dishwater, hot water heater, dish and clothes washer and all the faucets do not have hard water build up which limits the life of these appliances.

Also, you shouldn’t have to buy bottled water; it’s a waste of your money.  According to Consumer Reports, more than 40% of bottled water is pulled straight from the faucet. Yes, it is usually purified, but has a price tag and is packaged in a plastic BPA bottle that is suspected to disrupt hormones.  Think of all the money you would save by using your own tap water.

There are several systems on the market that range from $1,800.00 – $4500.00.

Want to learn more, contact Bay Area Plumbing Inc. for a free estimate or for any repairs to an existing treatment system.

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