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Utilities: 3 Tips on How You Can Save For Your Household

When the leaves start changing colors, and the wind starts growing teeth, that’s when homeowners start shuttering their windows and hunkering down for winter. If you want to get through the cold season without spending an arm and a leg on your energy bills, though, here are some simple tips that can provide big savings.

Utilities Tip #1: Insulate, and Plug Leaks

Your home is your armor against the elements, and if it isn’t airtight, then it’s letting cold air in, and hot air out. Before Fall truly gives way to Winter, it’s important to check your house for leaks. The area beneath the doors, as well as the seals around the windows, are primary places to lose heat. Attics also tend to be locations that let in the chill, which is why they should be insulated before the nights get to be truly freezing.

This might not save you a lot by itself, but you could easily shave $5 off your heating bill if you live in a small home. $20 or more if you have a larger home, with more space, and more potential leaks.

Utilities Tip #2: Turn Down Your Heat

No one likes being cold, but when you were a kid and your mom said if you were cold to put on a sweater, she was giving you great advice. While you might feel like a bit of a bum sitting on the couch in a hoodie and slippers, turning your thermostat down as little as 5 degrees can have big savings. If you’re willing to set it around 60, you’ll notice your bills start to shrink right up.

If you turn down your thermostat from 70 to 60 during the colder months, that can lower your bill at the end of the month by $20 or more.

Utilities Tip #3: Use Cold Water in Your Washing Machine

This trick often scoots past people, but it can be a great year-round money saver. Unless your clothes specifically need hot water, you can save a lot of energy by just washing them in cold water. If you make that your new standard, then you’ll notice a big source of your hot water use melts right off of your bill.

How much you save will depend on how often you use your washing machine, but you could easily cut $10 off your bill if you have a household whose laundry is being done on a fairly regular basis.

For more tips and tricks you can use to keep your utility bills down, simply contact us today!

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