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Drain & Sewer Cleaners

At Bay Area Plumbing, inc. we have products that help clean building drains, sewer systems and septic systems by removing buildup in these systems that may have been caused by grease, oil or fat being disposed of improperly. We even offer products that help eliminate roots that may have intruded into drain pipes. These products help to ensure that there are no obstructions and that waste water flows freely through your home or building drain sewer or septic system as it was originally intended to.Some of the most popular products we offer are listed below. Please feel free to contact us for more information about drain & sewer cleaning products.


This product is an environmentally friendly biological system treatment for drains and septic tanks that is made of naturally occurring cultures which are safe to use on plumbing systems. To learn more about BioOne you can visit their website at www.1biotechnology.com.


For drains that are full of roots, RootX is the solution, it helps kill the roots of nearby trees and plants that intrude inside drain pipes clearing the path for your drains to once again flow freely. You can avoid costly sewer and septic tank repairs with periodic treatments which will help keep your system root free.

To learn more about RootX you can visit their website at www.rootx.com.