Steam Showers

A residential steam shower is a great way to save on water usage since they require only about 1/20 of the water used by a regular traditional shower. If you are an environmentally conscious person who likes to conserve water, a steam shower might be a good option for you to consider. They are also a great way to experience a luxurious soothing sense of relaxation and are also known to cleanse the body and promote health.

At Bay Area Plumbing, Inc. we offer steam shower products from Thermasol, the maker of Superior Shower Systems, Light and Music Systems, Fog-Free Mirrors and Saunas. These fine products provide for a complete relaxation experience and are proudly made in the USA and we are proud to offer them to you.  Once you choose the system that suits your liking, our experienced plumbers can install it for you.

To learn more about Thermasol you can visit their website at

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