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How Pipes and Plumbing Fixtures Can Add Value to Your Home

For most people, their home is the biggest financial purchase they will ever make, and most people expect to eventually sell their house again. Hopefully at a tidy profit. The key to successful home ownership and working the real estate market for personal gain is understanding property value. When most people think of property value, the first things that come to mind are all easy to see from the outside like the poshness of the neighborhood, proximity to desirable public locations, and the external appearance that culminates in curb appeal. Of course, that’s not all there is to property value. Everything about the location, the lot, and the house itself contribute to the ultimate property of your home and simply by living well and wisely during your residence, you can significantly raise the property value well beyond what you paid for the home originally. All it takes is a little TLC, elbow grease, and some nice new pipes.

Plumbing and Your Property Value

Yes, that’s right, we just said that pipes are an important part of raising your property value. In fact, any aspect of your home’s infrastructure, especially if you live in an older house, can raise the inherent property value. As you may recall, part of the process of valuing a property before buying it is a thorough inspection of not just the obvious things, but the little details like the quality of the materials, the energy efficiency of the wiring and insulation and, naturally, the newness and quality of the plumbing. The opposite of the nightmare of moving into a home with crumbling pipes is the absolute¬†luxury of moving into one that has all new fixtures and pipes that are free of clogs, made of non-corroding alloys, and are properly insulated for winter conditions.

Increasing Value with Elegant Fixtures

We’ll start with the most obvious way to make your home nicer with clever plumbing tips. Fixtures like faucets, handles, sprayers, and even toilets and sinks last a long time, but they don’t stay nice for as long as they last. Replacing these with new, attractive, scratch chip and stain resistant fixtures is a delightful way to update the look and feel of your home. You’re also literally increasing the value by replacing old fixtures with better models, possibly even with improved functionality like filters on the spouts, style, flexible hoses, or water-lighting LEDs.

Increasing Value with Pipes

Replacing the pipes and other more entrenched plumbing features in your home is a bigger investment, with greater potential reward. The pipes in your home are not guaranteeable made of the best materials or even configured in the best way. With older homes, it’s even possible that you’re dealing with old, corroding iron or lead that could be releasing harmful particles into your tap water. All new pipes or even new pipes installed in sections, is a massive improvement to any home and when you finally decide to sell, you can advertise renovated plumbing in your listing for a significant boost in price above the neighborhood average.

Renovating your plumbing with new fixtures and pipes is a wonderful way to improve your property value because everybody wins. You get a more efficient, reliable, and clean water flow through your home, a higher price for your house if you ever sell, and your eventual buyers get a higher quality plumbing system than would otherwise be available from other homes of the same age and quality. New plumbing is a good investment even if you don’t plan to sell. For more information about raising your property value with plumbing or to schedule a consultation, contact us today!