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Does New Plumbing Increase Home Value?

New pipes significantly raise the resale values of homes for several important reasons. Unlike various cosmetic enhancements, this is a long-lasting improvement that protects the rest of the building from harm and potentially benefits the health of its occupants. Let’s take a look at some of the specific ways new plumbing can increase home value.


Knowledgeable homebuyers will appreciate the fact that new plumbing greatly reduces the risk of certain medical problems, such as cadmium or lead poisoning. It also increases the reliability of water fixtures and enables future owners to avoid expensive repair projects. This greatly increases home value.


Admittedly, new pipes aren’t the most visible improvement. They don’t stand out like windows or siding. Buyers may assume the existing pipes are harmless. Nevertheless, a house inspection is likely to identify old plumbing that’s prone to leakage or contains hazardous substances.

Aging pipes could reveal themselves long before an inspection if the potential buyer tastes rusty water, notices stains on fixtures, or hears plumbing noises. Low water pressure is another fairly visible indication of household piping that needs replacement soon.


If you don’t replace old, deteriorating plumbing, there is a risk water leaks could occur before you sell the house. This can result in stains on floors, ceilings, and walls that will substantially reduce a home’s value and discourage many buyers from making an offer.


The associated resale price increase lasts for several decades. Some types of pipes don’t need replacement for over 80 years. On the other hand, a new stove, countertop, or carpet will only raise your dwelling’s value until it starts to decay or goes out of style.

Increase Home Value

To sum it up, new plumbing does indeed increase home value. New plumbing represents a solid investment that will truly benefit a home’s current and future residents. It also protects valuable building materials from water damage. If you need new pipes or fixtures, please contact our well-qualified experts to learn more about replacement.

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