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New Faucets or Appliances – Which Are Better Home Improvements?

Whether you are contemplating giving an uplift or preparing to sell your home, you want to consider investing in items that will provide your dollar with the most bang.  Many home improvements give aesthetic appeal, but don’t add the value you might expect.  Some renovations devalue or deter a prospective buyer from keeping your home on their list of picks. Are you considering new faucets or new appliances (or something else), but don’t know what to choose?  Good news!  We will share with you plumbing upgrades that prove to be beneficial when the time comes to put the realtor sign on your front lawn.


well-maintained home takes precedence over cosmetic improvements when it comes to home value, so maybe that older piping system deserves serious reflection.  Deteriorating pipes can lead to water discoloration, staining (that new toilet won’t be shiny for long), ongoing plumbing problems,  and health issues.  Re-piping is a costly undertaking that some potential buyers might be reluctant to accept.  Unfortunately, those pipes won’t take care of themselves and will need attention sooner or later.


You heard of the phrase “the kitchen is what sells the house,” this may be a great place to start with your improvements.  New energy-efficient appliances add visual appeal and are easier on your pocketbook, but may or may not add value to the price tag.  Pleasurable, extravagant remodels likely will not bring a financial return on your investment.  In contrast, elementary or modest improvements tend to be wiser choices.  For example, the functionality, design,  and versatility of a deep dual-sink with the tall, pull-out faucet might be the pièce de résistance that entices a home chef to take action.


Give yourself a bonus by adding an extra-bathroom to a four-bedroom/one-bathroom house.  If this is heavier on the budget than what you anticipated, then replacing the tub in an existing bathroom with a walk-in shower is a great alternative.  Replacing old, tired taps on fixtures with stylish low-flow faucets and showerheads will add pizzazz to a bathroom.  Not only will these reduce water usage, but they will also decrease strain on the plumbing system (as will a dual flush toilet).


In taking into account energy efficiency, you and any prospective buyer will appreciate the savings on utility costs and the compactness that a tankless water heater has to offer.

When you are ready to make your plumbing home improvements, the professionals at Bay Area Plumbing, Inc. have the solutions and expertise to take care of you.  Please contact our friendly staff today.  We are here to help.

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