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Three Great Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom

For many people, their bathroom is a place where they can relax. If you are looking to make your ordinary bathroom into a relaxing retreat, there are three things you should remember.

Consider the Flooring

When it comes to your flooring, two things should be considered: mold and slipping. Because of water damage issues, mold problems, and sanitary concerns, avoid using wall-to-wall carpeting when remodeling your bathroom. If you want the soft feeling on your feet when you get out of the shower or while you are getting ready in the morning, bathroom rugs, which can be thrown in the washing machine when they get wet, are a great alternative to bathroom carpeting.

Because bathroom floors often get wet, it is also essential to make sure your flooring is not slippery. Already slippery flooring is going to be even worse when combined with water. A flooring expert can likely help you find flooring that will not cause a mold or slipping danger.

Pick Your Upgrades Carefully

Often, when people do a bathroom upgrade, they think that they need to go all out, completely gutting the whole room and replacing it with everything new. While that works well if you have the time, patience, and money to completely redo your bathroom, often one or two upgrades can transform a bathroom significantly. Consider these three great bathroom upgrades.

Curbless Shower

There are several reasons you may decide to include a curbless shower in your bathroom. They work well for people who have mobility issues since you do not need to step-up into the shower. Often, the flooring in the shower and throughout the rest of the bathroom is the same with a curbless shower, although a different tile or flooring can be used in the shower than is used in the rest of the bathroom. Even if mobility is not an issue, a curbless shower adds a unique touch to your bathroom.

One great thing about a curbless shower is that you can make it your own. It can be an enclosed shower with a glass door, which helps to keep the water in the shower area. It can be placed off to the side of the bathroom and simply contain a shower head and some sort of drainage system. It can be as large or as small as your bathroom space allows.

Entertainment Center

Whether you want to watch the news while getting ready in the morning or you like to watch your favorite show while relaxing in the bath, a television can be a fun bathroom upgrade. Just be sure you buy one that is water-resistant. You can even get a water-resistant remote. If you like listening to music while in the shower, you may also want to get a shower head/ speaker combo.

Heated Flooring and Towel Racks

If you are someone who hates stepping out of the shower onto a cold floor, you can install radiant mats under the flooring to create heated floors in your bathroom. Heated towel racks are a great way to dry your towels in a hurry as well as a wonderful way to enjoy a warm towel as you get out of the bath or shower.

Check the Pipes

If you are going to spend your time and resources on a bathroom remodel, you want to know that you have done the project correctly. Before putting in any new water features in your bathroom, check the pipes to make sure that they are in good condition. You do not want to finish creating a beautiful bathroom only to find out a few weeks later that your bathroom pipes are old and need to be replaced. Contact us if you need help with the plumbing for your remodeled bathroom or if you need to know if your bathroom pipes will need to be replaced soon. At Bay Area Plumbing Inc., we are here to help you with your plumbing needs.