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5 Severe Weather Preparation Tips for Your Florida Home

While Floridians typically don’t have to sustain frigid winters as others do in other parts of the country, they do have unique severe weather conditions. As a homeowner here, you know you’ll occasionally have to prepare for rainy seasons, heavy storms and damaging winds. One aspect of your home that specifically requires attention is your plumbing. Today, we’ll highlight five severe weather preparation tips to make sure your plumbing-related components are ready for inclement weather.

Keep Gutters & Drains Free of Debris

Your gutters and drains are designed to channel water away from your home and structure. It may seem like a basic suggestion for severe weather preparation, but clearing your drains and spouts can reduce the risk of access water coming into your home.

Properly Test & Maintain Your Sump Pump

If you have a basement, chances are you also have a sump pump. Don’t wait until your space is sloshing with water to learn your pump isn’t working. Be sure to test and properly maintain the unit before any incoming storms.

Turn Off Your Water

If you are preparing for extreme weather, tropical storm or hurricane-related, go ahead and turn your water off at the main. This may help prevent damage should any of your pipes burst or be damaged.

Protect the Water Heater

Replacing a water heater can sometimes be costly. Do your best to protect your water heater prior to potential weather conditions. It should be elevated off the ground already, but you may put reinforcements around it to keep water from reaching the unit itself. Be mindful, should you be turning off your water main, it may have an adverse effect on your water heater. Some units can be damaged if the water is off for long periods of time.

Inspection Before & After the Storm

One of the best severe weather preparation actions is to get professional inspections. It’s usually a smart idea to do a walkthrough of your home before a storm hits. You can take pictures of valuables and conditions, as documentation. After the weather has passed, inspect your plumbing and property again to identify any potential damage.

If you need help preparing your plumbing before inclement weather, contact us! We offer a friendly voice and licensed plumbing technicians.

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