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5 Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Fall

With the changing seasons, comes fresh lists of home maintenance suggestions to keep your systems, units, and water usage optimized. Today, we’ll discuss five plumbing-related recommendations, to minimize the risk of damage this fall and winter. You’ll want to prepare your home for safe and comfortable living when the temperatures drop. Follow these 5 easy plumbing maintenance tips this fall!

Service & Flush the Water Heater

If it’s been over a year or more since you last serviced your water heater, now might be a great time to schedule maintenance check-ups. During the colder months, your water heater will be working harder than usual. It may need to be drained and assessed for operation.

Retire the Yard Hoses

We don’t typically see temperatures dip below freezing here in Florida, but it can get chilly. It’s a good idea to retire your yard hoses or watering systems. Keeping these from the elements can help increase their operational lifespan.

Clean the Gutters

We almost always include a gutter-cleaning suggestion when we discuss the best plumbing maintenance practices. Preparing for fall and winter seasons is no exception. It’s best to keep your gutters and drainage systems free of debris. These are your home’s best defense against water intrusion and heavy rains.

Check Faucets for Leaks

Check any exterior faucets for leaks. If there is even a minor leak present, the cooling temperatures can mean cooling pipes too. Internal taps and valves should also be inspected. It might be a good time to check all of your toilets, tubs, and sink plumbing for leaks as well. Addressing leaks when there are minor improvements is more cost-effective than waiting until there is a major burst, pipe failure, or toilet catastrophe.

Consider Insulation Options

Again, we know it rarely gets frigid here in Florida. But, there are options for insulation to help ensure your pipes, lines, and units remain unaffected by the dropping temperatures.

If you need a quality local, licensed plumber to come and evaluate your plumbing this fall, contact us! We’re available for any plumbing-related emergencies and plumbing maintenance questions. Let’s help to help you keep your home prepared for the cooling months ahead.

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