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3 Laundry Room Features that Can Help Prevent Flooding

Whether you enjoy it or not, doing laundry is a necessity of life. We almost do it as an afterthought many times, forgetting that there’s always a potential for flooding when things don’t go right. Surprises happen, and you’re often left mopping up the mess. You can be proactive, however, in avoiding flooding in your laundry room by adding the following three laundry room features.

Add a Floor Drain

This is one of the most important laundry room features. Consider adding a floor drain in your laundry room for not only convenience reasons but also for safety reasons. Anytime you have wet floors, which could lead to slips and falls, excess liquid can easily be removed by the drain. Excess water can be caused by burst pipes, leaks, and clogs in your washer drain, causing an overflow.

Install Easily Accessible Water Valves

If you suddenly find yourself with a washer that leaks, or won’t stop running, you’ll want to have easy access to the shutoff valve. Older laundry rooms may have your washer and dryer configured in a way that prevents access to the shutoff valve. If you have a stackable washer and dryer, you may also have limited access. In an emergency, instead of having to frantically search for your water shutoff valve, or contort your body to reach behind the washing machine to access it, consider adding more accessible ones.

Consider an Automatic Washing Machine Shutoff Valve

To prevent flooding in the event of a broken hose or other malfunction of the water valve, pump, or drain hose, consider adding an automatic washing machine shutoff valve. Most automatic shutoff valves contain sensors mounted to the floor, which will detect water collecting, and instantly shut off the water valve for you.

Flooding from washing machine mishaps are quite common, and numerous insurance claims are filed each year. Adding these features to help prevent flooding in your laundry room can not only potentially save you thousands of dollars, but also provide you with peace of mind.

If you’re looking to upgrade your laundry room features, Bay Area Plumbing Inc. can evaluate your current layout and work with you to find solutions. Give us a call today.

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