Gas Supply Piping

We specialize in installing natural gas and propane gas piping systems to all gas appliances within your home or business. Whether its a stove, a water heater or a pool heater for a new installation or a re-pipe project, we are well equipped to do the job.

At Bay Area Plumbing, Inc. we sell all types of gas supply piping and we can even have our plumbers professionally install the piping for you. Installing gas pipes is not something you should try and tackle on your own, it is best to leave it up to a professional that has the experience and know how to do the job safely and correctly.

For more information on our gas supply piping product offerings please feel free to contact us.


About the Teco Program:

New customers who have natural gas service in their area can qualify for a free gas service with a meter by adding 2 gas appliances to the home.


Existing customers or new customers that need a tank gas water heater can qualify for a new replacement 40-gallon heater for only $15.99 a month for 60 months at no interest. That is only a cost of $959.40 for a complete installation. Also, we can convert the tank water heater to a tankless water heater with continuous hot water for only $24.99 a month for 60 months at no interest. That is only a cost of $1,499.40. These prices can be added to your current gas bill and can be paid off at any time. Our customers also get an excellent warranty with these programs. There are also great rebates on other gas appliances that customers can take advantage of.

Call us today to get full details on the great savings with natural gas products.

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